perl 5.9.5 build results, cygwin

Reini Urban
Mon Sep 24 05:37:00 GMT 2007

Matthew Persico schrieb:
> Attached, please find a log for make test, built on Vista Home Premium
> und Cygwin. Only 5 test suites had failures:
> Failed 5 tests out of 1384, 99.64% okay.
>         ../ext/IPC/SysV/t/ipcsysv.t
>         ../ext/IPC/SysV/t/msg.t
>         ../ext/IPC/SysV/t/sem.t
>         ../ext/Sys/Syslog/t/syslog.t
>         op/taint.t

We know.
These failures are described in the readme.
You need to support IPC by yourself because we don't check if the 
cygserver service is running.

Your op/taint failure misses a recent patch, adding /bin to the path.
blead passes this test.
Reini Urban

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