Cygwin setup on XP/Vista (UNIX/DOS compatibilty question)

Steve Richmond
Fri Sep 21 23:40:00 GMT 2007

I have a problem with running bash scripts and UNIX/Win compatibility.
I have 3 computers: a Windows ME PC (PC1), a Windows XP (PC2) and a
Windows Vista (PC3).

On PC1, I have an old version of Cygwin and bash ( i686-pc-cygwin).
All my scripts have a .TXT suffix, so I can edit with Vim editor.  The scripts
generate .CSV (comma separated value) files, so I can examine and print with
Excel as well as edit with Vim.  I don't recall when I initially set it up
whether I set the Cygwin mode to be UNIX or DOS compatible for CR/LF.

On PC2 and PC3, I have an up-to-date version of Cygwin and bash
(3.2.5(7) i686-pc-cygwin).

However it behaves differently.  After I install it using UNIX, bash scripts
fail with '\r' errors, meaning it can't find the CR. So after I re-installed
to be DOS compatible for CR/LF, the bash scripts execute successfully, but
the resulting .CSV file has a '^M' added to each line.  Subsequent
manipulation with paste (as an example) fail because of the extra '^M'.

I read the FAQs about the different behavior with UNIX and DOS, but I must
have missed something because it should work one way or the other.

What do you I have to do with the setup to get the earlier behavior?

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