Console background color changes when exiting vi, less, more, man, and possibly other programs

Chris Cole
Thu Sep 20 22:21:00 GMT 2007

When exiting any of several common programs, the backgound color of
the console is changed.  This has been reported several times,
including as recently as 2006, but no cause has been isolated.  Here
is a reproducible sequence of events that will lead to the failure and
hopefully the solution.  Using the console Properties dialog, Color
tab, set the Screen Background to white.  Using the same dialog,
Layout tab, set the Window Size Width to 160 and Height to 84.
Execute "vi".  Exit it.  The screen background will be set to black.
Execute "clear" to return it to white.

The following widths and heights are the maximum that can be set to
avoid this problem:
149 89
151 88
152 87
154 86
156 85
158 84
160 83

Increasing either the width or the height by one from any pair of
values on this list surfaces the problem.

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