Cygwin Installation Problems on Windows Vista (killing sh.exe helps)

Wed Sep 19 21:34:00 GMT 2007

Dave Korn wrote:
> On 19 September 2007 16:42, lent wrote:
> Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply.
> Sorry, but I wasn't able to find the solution you refer to for the problem
> of setup.exe hanging in Windows Vista.  Where can I find it?
>>> For getting the installation to keep going, killing off an sh.exe
>>> process
>>> via 
>>> Task Manager's End Process, moves things along.  This also seems to need
>>> to
>>> be done for "texf" (I think that was the name) package.
>>  Hell, you can make the whole thing "move along" even better, by simply
>>killing 'setup.exe' instead of sh.exe.  Sure, it may not be correct, but
>>least it's fast, eh?
>>  Or you could wait for it to finish doing whatever vital job it was
>> doing.
>>Your choice.
>>> At least we get to the final setup screen this way :-)
>>  Works my way too, *and* with the added advantage you don't end up with a
>>semi-broken installation.
> I'm new to the cygwin development community and would love to chase this
> problem down and resolve it once and for all.  Is there a way to log the
> shell scripts as they are run from setup.exe?
> On the "semi-broken installation": 
> Actually, the problem was that the "whatever vital job" that
> /etc/postinstall/ was doing
> never completed.  30 minutes of wait time by multiple Vista users on
> multiple brands of spanking new
> laptops indicates some sort of interaction bug of these shell scripts (or
> the programs they run) with the "wonders" of Vista. 
> This "hang at 99% forever" symptom persists even with setting the
> Properties of
> setup.exe to run in "Windows XP(SP2)" compatibility mode. 
> It's a very disappointing installation experience for novice programmers.
> Our XP and Windows 2000 users do not have these problems as setup.exe
> completes just fine.
> Do I want to kill any part of a carefully crafted installation process? Of
> course not :-)
> The problem is if the user kills setup.exe, they wind up with a more
> broken installation, and lack the Cygwin Desktop icon  and the Cygwin
> Start Menu entry. Killing sh.exe (hopefully the right one) moves the
> installation process past the block of /etc/postinstall/  
> Our reason for using Cygwin is to teach young engineering students about C
> programming in a command line environment.  If they can't install it on
> their brand new laptop, I have a difficult time having them use it :-)
> Thanks again for your attention to this annoying bug.
> Chris Lent
>>    cheers,
>>      DaveK

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