ssh ProxyCommand not finding anything to execute

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Sep 19 19:04:00 GMT 2007

SQueeZe wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Larry, I will continue with the cwRsync guys.
> The 'advantage' of a package like cwRsync is that most Windows users
> wouldn't understand or want to dabble with a cywgin install and the
> intricacies that go along with it. cwRsync can be installed in about 10
> seconds, and requires no knowledge of *Nix; I don't think the same could be
> said of Cygwin.  Although I love Cygwin, if you just want a tiny, single
> subset of its functionality, then it just isn't worth the full install.
> Of course this has it's disadvantages as we are finding out now.....
> Thanks again for your help.

I'm confused by the perception that Cygwin is an "all or nothing" deal.
It's certainly possible to set up a package server that doles out just a
subset of the entire distribution.  'setup.exe' does this now.  The default
set of packages is far less than the whole distribution.  Any package server
with its own 'setup.ini' can define a larger or smaller set of default
packages.  'setup.exe' will install only those defaults if the user doesn't
select any others.  I don't see where any of that requires special
knowledge.  But since cwRsync is still a Cygwin-based app, I also don't see
how one can get away from the fact that it's based in Cygwin and has its
roots in Unix/Linux/POSIX environments.  This would show through even with a
vanilla Windows port.

All that said, there's still no reason a third-party can't "go it's own
way".  Personally, I'd rather see them add value by working with Cygwin
instead of against it.  But I like synergy. ;-)

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