[Packaging BUG] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dpatch-2.0.26-2

Dr. Volker Zell Dr.Volker.Zell@oracle.com
Wed Sep 19 15:04:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> Jari Aalto writes:

    > ===================

    > Homepage: http://packages.debian.org/dpatch
    > License : GPL

    > An easy to use patch system for packages, It lets you store patches
    > and other simple customization templates in debian/patches and
    > otherwise does not require much reorganization of your source tree. To
    > get the patches applied at build time you simply need to include a
    > makefile snippet and then depend on the patch/unpatch target in the
    > build or clean stage of debian/rules - or you can use the dpatch
    > patching script directly.

There is still an empty dpatch directory below /usr/share/doc:



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