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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Sep 19 03:53:00 GMT 2007

Kris Ciersezwski wrote:
> Hello, I've tried several times to install Cygwin on my new desktop,
> running shitty Windows Vista Home Premium. Anyways I've tried
> installing it several times using different mirrors each time and I
> get the same problem in every install.
> It stops at
> Running...
> No Package
> /etc/postinstall/
> It just freezes there and does nothing...

Did you "Run as" administator when running 'setup.exe'?  Can you run
"cygcheck -s -r -v" and *attach* the output to your reply?  How about
your 'setup.log*' files?

There is no file according to
<> so something
is getting messed up here.  Perhaps removing what you've installed so far
and re-running 'setup.exe' as administrator ("Run as") but just installing
the default packages first would get you going.

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