1.5.24-2: zero-length write() and ioctl() on fd -1 cause crashes

Elliott Hughes enh@jessies.org
Tue Sep 18 18:54:00 GMT 2007

http://software.jessies.org/terminator/ uses Cygwin to provide  
Windows support, and it's been most useful. i just thought i'd  
mention a couple of things that caused crashes in cygwin1.dll  
1.5.24-2 where that might not have been Cygwin's intent (in both  
cases the application's skating on thin ice anyway).

first, if i do a zero-byte write(2) to a pty, i get a crash. POSIX  
says the behavior in that situation is undefined. i haven't tested  
with a regular file (where POSIX explicitly says that "write() will  
return 0 and have no other results").

second, if i try to set the window size on fd -1, i get a crash:

     int fd = -1;
     struct winsize size;
     // set size.ws_col, size.ws_row, size.ws_xpixel, and  
     if (ioctl(fd, TIOCSWINSZ, &size) < 0) {

my interpretation of POSIX is that i should get return value -1 and  
errno set to EBADF in that case. i haven't tested with other invalid  
file descriptors or other requests.

i haven't tested earlier versions of cygwin1.dll.

strangely, a quick look at the Cygwin source suggests that these  
cases should be taken care of. "ioctl.cc"'s ioctl starts with a  
cygheap_fdget, and check_iovec would appear to take care of the 0- 
byte write case for write(2).

let me know if you'd like me to investigate further. i don't have a  
Windows machine myself, or i'd have done some non-source poking about  
already. [i'm also not a subscriber to this list, so don't forget to  
"reply all".]


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