tin shows "?" for german umlauts

Reinhard.Irmer@skba.de Reinhard.Irmer@skba.de
Tue Sep 18 12:42:00 GMT 2007

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Im Auftrag von Corinna Vinschen
> On Sep 18 09:20, Reinhard.Irmer@skba.de wrote:
>> hi list,
>> I'm a cygwin-nuser who wants to use unixbased programs as
>> mutt, pine,
>> tin or slrn on my winxp(sp2)-machine. mutt and slrn are
>> working fine
>> in bash, only tin makes problems:.....look at subject.
>> In a german usenetgroup was said, that this problem is a
>> cygwin- not a
>> tin-problem because cygwin is not made to support
>> 'locales'. I'm not a
>> programmer, only a nuser, who wants tin working fine under cygwin.
>> What can I do, to see the german umlauts in tin instead of
>> questionmarks?
> I don't know a way to get german umlauts in Cygwin's tin, but
> I know a good workaround which I'm using even on Linux to get
> rid of these dreaded umlauts.  Start tin from bash like this:
>   $ ISO2ASC=2 tin <...args...>
> You can also experiment with other ISO2ASC settings (0-6).

thnx, and if no more writing, the problem is SOLVED


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