How to use the X clipboard

Robert Kiesling
Tue Sep 18 03:07:00 GMT 2007

I need to set the X server option, "emulate3Buttons," in order to use
the X clipboard with the Cygwin system's mouse.  The FAQ tells me that
I can add, "-emulate3buttons <ms>," to the X server arguments.
However, if I start the server with

  startx -- -emulate3buttons 10

all of the X server's default arguments seem to get overriden.  I
would like to know where are the X server resources are located so I
can add this option without overriding the X server's default

On a related note, the server and display addresses default to, 
and that limits clipboard use to clients on the local host.  Because 
this network gets its addresses through DHCP, I would like to know if
there's a way to tell the X server beforehand what the network address is.
I assume I can parse the output of Windows netstat after booting and add 
the address to /etc/hosts before starting the X server, but I would
welcome any clues, hints, or suggestions how to go about telling the
resolver library about the network address with a documented interface.



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