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Markus E L ls-cygwin-2006@m-e-leypold.de
Sun Sep 16 21:38:00 GMT 2007

> "Cole Radcliffe" wrote:

> > "Cole Radcliffe" wrote:
> >
> >> I do an ls -la and I see I have an executable called "executable.exe".
> >> I chmod to 777. Then I try to type "execut" and I press tab and it
> >> does not find it. When I type in the entire name and press enter, bash
> >> says the command is not found! It works fine on cygwin-x.
> >
> > Type ./executable or set your PATH variable to include "." (the latter
> > is usually not recommended, even in cygwin, I think).
> >
> > And try to read up about PATH.
> >
> > Regards -- Markus

> I tried "set PATH=.:$PATH" and that did not work. When I echoed the
> $PATH I realized that that command had no effect. What am I doing
> wrong?

You're using bash? Then don't use 'set'. The syntax is



  set <somethings ...>

sets the argument vector $@.

It pays to read an introductory text on using the shell. Use one for
Linux if you like, the shell is the same. Else you'll be pretty
unhappy really soon and back here when (a) You're using shell
metacharacter somewhere, (b) you get quoting problems, (c) you need to
redirekt I/O, (d) You got filenames with whitespace in them or '-' at
the beginning, or (e) some other environment variable setting is wron
-- just to name some of the common problems for shell beginners :-).

And then I expect you'll get flamed sooner or later (more likely
sooner) because this is OT and not cygwin specific and I get flamed
and/or TITTTLed because I even answered.

So really try to look for some documentation on this issues. Time is
running out :-).

Regards -- Markus

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