scp and sftp commands not working on cygwin installed server

Brian Dessent
Fri Sep 14 19:31:00 GMT 2007

Sam Snitman wrote:

> Thanks for your response.  Not sure what you mean by
> "however all of your mounts point to d:\cygwin2.
> > That's definitely not right"

It means that when scp refers to /usr/bin/ssh it will be actually be
looking for d:/cygwin2/bin/ssh.exe which -- I'm guessing -- doesn't
exist.  What is and why do you have this d:/cygwin2 directory if
apparently everything in installed in d:/cygwin?

> Unfortunately I have limited Cygwin knowledge.  Can
> you please elaborate what mounts are and about how
> to/risks of changing them to point to d:\cygwin
> instead of d:\cygwin2.  We are currently using cygwin
> for our ITG application to connect with remote servers
> and I wouldn't want to negatively affect anything.  I
> will also start looking at the documentation on mounts
> on the cygwin site.

You can change it with the mount command.  See the manpage, or run mount
-m to get a set of mount commands that if run would recreate your
current mount table (i.e. edit them.)  Alternatively, just running setup
and entering d:/cygwin for the Root Directory page should accomplish the
same thing.


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