Cygwin-bug#20070914T0555: mksh getop bug

Thorsten Glaser
Fri Sep 14 09:21:00 GMT 2007

Jari Aalto dixit:

>I've ported mksh to Cygwin and we're considerign including it in the

Thanks, that’s great. Could you let me have a look at that, just out
of interest, as I haven’t really understood the Cygwin packaging
process myself, otherwise I had submitted one earlier.

>The Cygwin users have found following bug in pdkdh's getopt handling,
>which is also present in mksh. Could you take a look:

This is not a bug in the shell, but rather in the script. You must
either use OPTIND=1 together with shift, to reset option processing,
as per the manual page, or just not use shift at all.

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