Establishing Unix network control under cygwin?

René Berber
Fri Sep 14 06:08:00 GMT 2007

Brad wrote:

> Would anyone care to:
> a.  confirm whether 'nsswitch.conf' and such work in Cygwin?

No.  But /etc/resolv.conf does if you installed minires.

> b.  tell me how I can get Cygwin to search various domains when
>      trying to resolve hostnames?

Haven't tried it myself but adding 'search domain.whatever' in /etc/resolv.conf
might work.

Sure way to do it: add the search domains in Windows' "Advanced TCP/IP Settings"
for your network card, in the append... options of course.

> c.  tell me about any 'networking' FAQ for cygwin?

No dice.

> We primarily use NIS here, although DNS as well; I believe NIS isn't
> available with cygwin?

Don't really know the answer to that one.
René Berber

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