Establishing Unix network control under cygwin?

Fri Sep 14 04:05:00 GMT 2007

Hi.  I've just recently installed cygwin and I'd like to ask a few questions
about networking.

I've installed practically all the Cygwin packages but I'm frustrated by a
couple of trivial little problems.  For example, when I do a

  ping host

the host can't be found; I have to put in the fully-qualified host name:


Even though a lookup via the name server:

  nslookup host

works, without the argument having to be fully-qualified.

So I set up a simple /etc/nsswitch.conf, as I would on any Unix machine, with
the contents:

  hosts:  files dns

and /etc/resolv.conf with:


but it's had no effect.

I also can't find man pages for 'nsswitch.conf' or 'resolv.conf' in my cygwin
installation, or even 'getent', so I'm wondering if those files are even used
by cygwin.

I've searched for terms like 'cygwin' and 'nsswitch.conf' but haven't found
anything to go on.  I do apologise if this is a real 'newbie' question.

I suspect that cygwin delegates all things networking off to Windows, and so
to fix this problem I'd have to do the equivalent of an nswitch.conf entry
in Windows land?  Which I'm not competent to do, unfortunately.

Would anyone care to:

a.  confirm whether 'nsswitch.conf' and such work in Cygwin?

b.  tell me how I can get Cygwin to search various domains when
     trying to resolve hostnames?

c.  tell me about any 'networking' FAQ for cygwin?

We primarily use NIS here, although DNS as well; I believe NIS isn't
available with cygwin?

Many thanks,


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