Don't like "setup" for ocassional updates

Paul McFerrin
Thu Sep 13 20:45:00 GMT 2007


I've been using Cygwin for many years (~7-8yrs) and I like it very 
much.  Can't do without it.

I'm running a "Sacred" version B20.  No one touches it!  I have total 
control.  As a result, I normally do NOT like upgrades.  They always 
cause me more work to fix problems created by others, determine what has 
change, and fix problems caused by "setup".  I fact I recently blew away 
two working copies of B20 because of setup.  I need to know some full 
pathnames to retreive distributions without going thru setup.  Yes, 
setup on a "Sacred", running system is "evil".  No more.

Under my "release" directory, there are several packages sub-directories 
whci contains files that failed to get installed.  Is there a easy way 
to "safely" complete the install of these packages.  I manually 
installed the man_conf file so at least it knew how to treat all of my 
.bz2 manual pages.  I know there are still missing man pages that need 
to be installed.

    1. Need pathnames to distribution files to avoid "setup".
    2. Easy waay to complete installation of missing components:
X11/               cygutils/    groff/         mingw-runtime/  ssmtp/
_obsolete/         cygwin/      gzip/          mktemp/         tar/
_update-info-dir/  cygwin-doc/  jbigkit/       mutt/           tcltk/
alternatives/      db/          jpeg/          nano/           tcsh/
ash/               editrights/  less/          ncurses/        termcap/
base-files/        expat/       libXpm-noX/    opengl/         terminfo/
base-passwd/       expect/      libgcrypt/     openssl/        texinfo/
bash/              file/        libgpg-error/  patch/          tiff/
bc/                findutils/   libiconv/      pcre/           unzip/
binutils/          fontconfig/  libpng/        perl/           vim/
brltty/            freeglut/    libssh2/       popt/           w32api/
bzip2/             gawk/        libusb-win32/  python/         which/
compface/          gcc/         libxml2/       readline/       xpm-nox/
coreutils/         gcc-mingw/   libxslt/       rebase/         zip/
cpio/              gdb/         login/         run/            zlib/
cron/              gdbm/        lynx/          rxvt/
crypt/             gettext/     m4/            sed/
curl/              grep/        man/           sharutils/

Sounds like a lot!

-Paul McFerrin

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