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Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
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> Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
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>> | On W2K3, if you expect a service to be able to switch user contexts, you
>> | need a special service account.  You can use the 'sshd_server' account that
>> | would be created for you if you configure 'sshd' and ask it to create the
>> | account when it asks you.  See the "/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README"
>> | for details.
>> The above is correct, but later cron was switch to run as PolsonA
> Wrong, the log just shows that the user edited his crontab (i.e. did a `crontab
> -e`) which does a reload on exit.  Larry's diagnostic is right, cron shouldn't
> be running as the user PolsonA.
>> 2007/09/12 16:19:31 [PolsonA] cron: PID 1432: `cron' service started
>> 2007/09/12 16:19:41 [PolsonA] crontab: PID 2844: (PolsonA) BEGIN EDIT (PolsonA)
>> 2007/09/12 16:19:46 [PolsonA] crontab: PID 2844: (PolsonA) REPLACE (PolsonA)
>> 2007/09/12 16:19:46 [PolsonA] crontab: PID 2844: (PolsonA) END EDIT (PolsonA)
>> 2007/09/12 16:20:01 [PolsonA] /usr/sbin/cron: PID 2564: (PolsonA) RELOAD (tabs/PolsonA)
> **************
> The reload is done by /usr/sbin/cron itself on the next minute after the crontab -e exit,
> see the last entry above.
> There is nothing bad about running cron as yourself if you are the only cron user on a machine.

That true.  It wasn't clear to me at first that 'PBMR\PolsonA' and 'PolsonA'
were the same user.  But they are.  Now what's not clear is why it didn't
run unless, as you say Pierre, the OP didn't wait long enough for the
crontab entries to kick off.  Maybe it's worth getting back to basics and
just trying the old '/bin/date >/tmp/date.log' entry that runs every minute
as see where that goes.

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