Cygwin Window closes immediately

Thorsten Kampe
Tue Sep 11 03:55:00 GMT 2007

* David FAY XX (SY/EPA) (Mon, 10 Sep 2007 15:32:07 +1000)
> I am having problems opening cygwin.

You cannot "start" Cygwin. You start bash.

> A window pops up when I double click on the shortcut on the desktop
> but it immediately closes.

Ever curious where this shortcut shortcuts to? It's called 

> Cygwin is installed in the following location: c:/cygwin.

And that's where the batch is located.

> Any suggestions? I'm using Windows XP. Also in setup.log file in
> /var/log directory it says "Installation Complete" Are there other
> log files I could check to see what is going on?

I thought it was common knowledge to start a batch from the command 
line if something does not work as it's supposed to do:

Start > Run > cmd.exe [Enter]

cd /d c:\cygwin [Enter]
cygwin.bat      [Enter]

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