building perl 5.8.8 (was run-time problems with cygwin-1.5.24-2)

Reini Urban
Sun Sep 9 20:04:00 GMT 2007

Todd Brunhoff schrieb:
>>     * From: Reini Urban <rurban at x-ray dot at>
>>     * Subject: Re: run-time problems with cygwin-1.5.24-2
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Todd Brunhoff schrieb:
>>     ...In an effort to see what the problem might be, I focussed on
>>     perl (although interesting, this info may not be helpful):
>>     - I loaded source for perl 5.8.8, ran Configure, but the compile
>>     fails because of conflicting vsprintf declarations.
>> If you follow the directions of the README and download the src 
>> package you would be able to build your perl.
>> A Policy file helps and the correct Configure line is required.

> This isn't helpful. You allude to a "correct Configure" line, both 
> implying that I picked the wrong one, and that you know the right one, 
> but that I should ask nicely to get it. 

No, you should follow the usual path by getting the src package and look 
how perl is built and then follow the instructions how to build perl.
There are also vendor patches.

$ perl -V
   Locally applied patches:
         CYG01 - ldflags -s
         CYG02 - lib-ExtUtils-Embed insensitive against leading \s
         CYG03 - lib-Test-Harness-Straps $ENV{PERL5LIB} = ''
         CYG04 - cygperl-5_8.dll and not 
         CYG05 - add Win32CORE to core
         CYG07 - File-Spec-Cygwin-TMPDIR.patch
         Bug#38628 - allow legacy Cwd->cwd()
         Bug#40103 - File-Spec-case_tolerant.patch from 5.9.5

Attached is the build and Policy script for your convenience but you 
really need the src package to get everything.
We use:
              Configure -de	\
		-Dmksymlinks	\
		-Duse64bitint	\
		-Dusethreads	\
		-Uusemymalloc   \
		-Doptimize='-O3' \
		-Dman3ext='3pm'	\
		-Dusesitecustomize \

Why the simpliest Configure -des failed is still in
investigation and needs to be fixed upstream of course.
But right now we are very busy before the 5.10 release.
There are still some showstoppers.

Your report is very much appreciated. Esp. for perl5-porters, not here.
If I happen to not react fast enough, please report it upstream at 
perl5-porters by yourself. Jerry Hedden or me are there most of the time.

> The README.cygwin says to simply 
> run Configure, and only makes the suggestion that to accept all the 
> defaults, -de could be used.  And so... I've attached the output from 
> "Configure -des" and "make -k".  You'll note that there are three 
> compile-time errors. I can fix the last one "perlio.c:5059: error: 
> conflicting types for 'vprintf'" by uncommenting "#define HAS_VPRINTF" 
> in config.h. Perhaps you could suggest options for Configure that will 
> fix all the problems. I'd like that.
Reini Urban
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