what about (mutt) Maildir on Cygwin

Luiz Portella lfpor@lujz.org
Sat Sep 8 02:33:00 GMT 2007


I find http://www.geocities.com/win32mutt/patches.html with
date 2002-07-03, for Mutt-1.4i. Who have it with the latest mutt?

I get the patch, I guess make, make install, ... How I use it?

:) Luiz

 -- Luiz Portella skribis:
>I have problems with mutt and maildir on Cygwin:
>"As soon as a new mail arrived in the main folder (inbox), I could not
>even close mutt properly. It always gives me the error "rename file or
>folder does not exist (error=2)" in the status bar."
>I read e-mails from 2003 about it:
>(Gary R. Van Sickle)
>Now is it fixed? 
>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maildir at "Windows Software" say yes, but 
>I don't get it. What package I need install?
>Luiz Portella
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