Slowness problem due to sjlj-exceptions for Octave

Carlo Florendo
Wed Sep 5 01:17:00 GMT 2007


Ohayougozaimasu :)

> I'm Tatsuro MATSUOKA.
> This is the first time to post cygwin-app ML.


> I'm now using cygwin for octave, gnuplot and shell command etc.
> For the Octave society, it is very famous that building octave 
> current standard gcc slows the octave
> because the cygwin treats the silj-exceptions very slowly. 

Could you please expound (or point to a link) on what sjlj or sjlj- 
exceptions do?  AFAIK, it's probably the first time the "octave sjlj 
exception issue" has appeared in this list.  As far as I've seen, this is a 
gcc issue.

> I do not entirely agree with his opinion, but I also have a question 
> on sjlj-problem on cygwin.
> This problem has been famous for a long time in the Octave society. I 
> suppose it has been also
> disscussed in cygwin ML.  My question is why the cygwin uses the slow 
> sjlj exceptions instead of
> dwarf2 which was used in old cygwin at the time gcc-3.2 was used.

The cygwin octave maintainer (if [s]he is still there) must know more about 
this.  However, Cygwin's octave is 2.1.72 but mainline is 2.9.13.

> Recetly the Octave can be built with the mingw. The mingw GCC also 
> uses sjlj exceptions but the
> slowness problem never be occured.  
> I wonder why the sjlj exceptions slows the octave on cygwin.  In 
> other platforms including mingw, such
> phenomea does not happen.  

Would it be possible for you to send corresponding straces of the cases you 
posted below?

> Using Oregonator ODE (source was placed at the end of the
> mail), we compare the solving time
> octave 2.9.13 built with  gcc-3.4.4-3 in cygwin package 
> octave:1> testOregoB
> ans =  9.2500
> octave 2.1.73 binary in cygwin package
> octave:1> testOregoB
> ans = 7.0930
> my testing binary built specially confgiured gcc.
> octave:1> testOregoB
> ans =  2.7030          

Regarding these "testing binary" and "specially configured gcc", what 
versions are these and what options did you use to build gcc?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


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