Regarding the new rxvt builds (rxvt-20050409-6 and -7)

Davide Dente
Tue Sep 4 11:55:00 GMT 2007

Hello, long term user of Cygwin and lurker here.

I have a small problem with the new builds of rxvt that I think nobody
else has already reported (after a check of the cygwin and cygwin-apps

I am not able anymore to get to the system menu using the "Alt-Spacebar"
keybord combination. As i like to work with maximized windows, I was
used to press "Alt-Spacebar" and then "n" as the first thing after
bringing up a new terminal.

I understand that there have been some work on the handling of the "alt"
key by Corinna Vinschen a couple of weeks ago, so I think that maybe the
"Alt-Spacebar" was some kind of special case that has been removed from
the code.

Do you think that it should be possible to get the old behavior back ?


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