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Eric Blake
Mon Sep 3 20:50:00 GMT 2007

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> From: Eric Blake <ebb9 AT byu DOT net>
                        ^^^^ - munging raw addresses

> Probably because there isn't a way (you can't make drive letters
> disappear).  However, you can change what the cygdrive prefix is, using
> 'mount -c', and some people on this list change it to / instead of
> /cygdrive/.  What are you hoping to accomplish by removing them, anyway?

> Hi, Eric.  Thanks for your reply.  I am setting up an SSHD and I don't
want users to traverse directories by typing /cygdrive/c or any of the
other drive letters.  I know I can restrict them via NTFS but I have over
200 local accounts on this server and the directory permission is quite
complicated.  It would be lot easier if I could just restrict them to
/something.  But searching for doing this under sshd didn't really turn up
anything that I could use.  I tried to use the chroot command w/o any luck
or the effect i wanted.

Sorry, but on cygwin, chroot does NOT hide drives.  If someone has access
to a drive outside of cygwin, then there is no way that cygwin can prevent
that access.  You are mistaken if you think that changing the cygdrive
prefix adds any security to your system.

> I just typed, mount -c /hidden and now my mountpoints are /hidden/c etc.
 this should do the trick.  Thanks for your help.

That only obscures the name, but doesn't hide it.

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