run-time problems with cygwin-1.5.24-2

Todd Brunhoff
Mon Sep 3 18:01:00 GMT 2007

Todd Brunhoff wrote:
> Problem: after installing cygwin-1.5.24-2, most things work but I've 
> noticed a few things that don't work: perl and subversion (svn). 
> Specifically, the programs do absolutely nothing...
Ok, so everyone's view was generally helpful. Cygcheck pointed at two 
missing dlls, cygcrypt-0.dll and cygdb-4.2.dll. My belief, details 
below, is that two key things happened:
  1. for some reason, the default download (I always download to local, 
then install separately for repeatability) excluded two packages: crypt 
and libdb2. I don't know why.
  2. during the installation the cygwin setup.exe quietly skipped over 
these two packages, even though setup.ini marked them a dependencies of 
other packages, like perl and subversion.

#1 is understandable. I note that cygwin setup.exe performs a preinstall 
check for dependencies (after you click 'next'), and I recall it listing 
required packages not selected, and providing the option to install 
these, which I always did, but it never complained that crypt and libdb2 
were unavailable. I think this is the crucial error in #2. That is, if a 
package is selected, and it depends on another package that has not been 
downloaded, the user must be given the opportunity to veto, or fix it, 
or continue.

Solutions as follows:
  - cygcheck identified cygcrypt-0.dll and cygdb-4.2.dll as missing
  - I found the packages in setup.ini, but cygwin setup.exe refused to 
display the packages in the installation view (it would be very useful 
to show packages present in setup.ini, but not available for 
installation, so you could fix that)
  - going back to the cygwin download step, I selected the two packages 
and did the download
  - then going back to the installation, the two packages automatically 
showed as candidates for install.

Perl and svn work now, and cygcheck is happy. Thanks to Reini, Thorsten 
and Dave for the help,


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