GCC compiler -m64 option in cygwin

anik pal pal_anik@yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 31 11:04:00 GMT 2007


IÂ’m quite new in cygwin environment. I have c source
code of a product which I build in solaris environment
with  gcc compiler –m64 option to create 64 bit
executable in solaris 9 environment. 

Now IÂ’ve to do the same task for win environment,
because the library available for my client is in
windows environment and the library is 64 bit. I
attempt to use cygwin for this job. Now my question
are as follows


1 . using cygwin gcc compiler can I link my source
code building with the win environment lib? 
2. is gcc 64 bit option available in cygwin? 



Anik Pal

Vadodara, India

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