"My Documents" directory not listed as writable?

John Cooper John.Cooper@eu.citrix.com
Tue Oct 30 09:01:00 GMT 2007

[I'm using Cygwin 1.5.24-2 on Windows XP and Vista]

Does anyone know why, by default, the "My Documents" directory is not
listed as writable? :
  $ ls -ld $USERPROFILE/My\ Documents
  dr-x------+ 22 John None 0 Oct 20 18:26 C:\Documents and
Settings\John/My Documents/

.. even though it actually is writable:

  $ touch $USERPROFILE/My\ Documents/foo

This occurs on both my work and home machines; in the former case I log
in as a domain user but in the latter case the machine is just in a

This strangeness causes the zsh initialization scripts to fail to create
a .zcompdump file (when the HOME env var is set to the "My Documents"
directory), which in turn causes each zsh invocation to be much slower
than it should be. The "cacls" command indicates that the directory is



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