Access Denied to registry keys HKLM\Software

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Oct 29 23:34:00 GMT 2007

Adrian Hill wrote:
> I am new to Cygwin, we are running version 1.59. Cygwin used is for account 
> management for our Active Directory. Cygwin is used to launch an C-based 
> program (that is running as service) that calls a VB6 Program, which is called 
> via a SSH connection from our central account management system that runs on a 
> Unix.


Thanks for the lengthy description of what you're doing but you've left out
some key points and provided some invalid information already.  Please see
the following problem reporting guidelines which describes what we need to
help you:



> I have also given the account administration rights within cygwin, and still 
> get the same problem. However, under windows within cygwin the code runs 
> fine..without going over the SSH connection…

My WAG is that you're sshing in using pubkey authentication.  If so, use
password authentication and see if that solves your problem.  This is a
known limitation in the current Cygwin package (one could argue it's a
Windows limitation too but....)

> I have noticed the security on proc/registry contains ???????? with no rights 
> is that normal..

Looks like your '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/group' aren't correct.  See
'mkpasswd' and 'mkgroup' documentation in the Cygwin Users Guide:


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