cygwin stable and cvs snapshot - fork() bug

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Oct 29 12:47:00 GMT 2007 wrote:
>>>>   1 [main] mpd 1736 C:\cygwin\home\mpx\mpd-test\mpd.exe:
>>>>     *** fatal error - MapViewOfFileEx (0x19030000),
>>>>     Win3 2 error 6.  Terminating.
>>>>   68 [main] mpd 676 fork: child 1736 - died
>>>>     waiting for dll loading, errno 11 problems fork'ing for
> daemon! 
>>>> [...]
>>> Have you eliminated the <> factor?
>>> Yes I did. I stopped the AV program and all related services. I also
>>> used Filemon (from sysinternals) to see if I'm missing any files, 
>>> without success...
>> Some of the BLODA stuff has to be deinstalled entirely to have an
> effect since it hooks one of its own DLLs into some system DLL.
>> Another question:  Does the mpd tool load DLLs at run time?  Did you
> try rebasing?
> I rebooted my system (and disabled the AV services), so I was sure no AV
> stuff was running. 

Again, some BLODA has to be _uninstalled_ to eliminate its effects.  You
cannot be sure this isn't where your issue lies unless you uninstall the
possible BLOADA you have installed now and test without it.

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