Obtaining cygwin with cygwin1.dll version 1005.14.0.0

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon Oct 29 12:22:00 GMT 2007

"Paul.Foster" wrote:

> Due to incompatibilities between cygwin versions we need to install a
> version of cygwin which is compatible with cygwin1.dll version
> 1005.14.0.0. api version 0.126

That is a convoluted way of saying version 1.5.14.  This is a very dated
version, released more than 2.5 years ago (2005-04-01).  We don't
support anything but the current release, so I'm afraid you're on your
own.  Cygwin is designed to be backwards binary compatible so in these
kinds of situations a newer DLL should always work when replacing an
older one.

There is a unofficial project called the Cygwin time machine that has
some older versions of packages.

> We are running on windows (many flavours) and cygwin is installed as
> part of one of our applications and cannot be changed. We need a full
> cygwin installation so that we can use the perl interpreter.

This kind of vendor lock-in is exactly why the GPL was written the way
it was.  The supplier of this application is required to give you the
complete source to the version of Cygwin they used, as well as the
source of the application.  If all else fails you can take this source
and either a) rebuild perl against the old version of Cygwin they used
or b) rebuild the application against a modern version of Cygwin.  If
they won't give you the complete source they're in violation of the


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