"collect2.exe has stopped working"

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Sisyphus wrote:
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> Subject: "collect2.exe has stopped working"
>> I have Vista and I'm trying to compile _anything_ with
>> gcc 3.4.4 All I get is
>> "collect2.exe has stopped working"
> Vista breaks MinGW - and I think that's the issue you're facing here.
> Try upgrading to 3.4.5. Then unpack 
> http://dessent.net/tmp/gcc-vista-3.4.5-20060117-1.tar.gz into your MinGW 
> root directory. (That will overwrite the existing "problem" files.)
> I don't know that it's necessary to do the upgrade - but, since the 
> patched files in the (above) tarball have been built for 3.4.5, it's 
> probably the safest way to approach the problem.

That might be good advice if this were the MinGW list but unless the OP
was referring to his MinGW installation, which would make discussion of
this off-topic here, doing the above isn't going to solve his problem
with his Cygwin installation.

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