problems installing cygwin on vista (fwd)

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sun Oct 28 01:59:00 GMT 2007

Ruprecht Machleidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to apologize for sending out the message below
> repeatedly. But earlier submissions of this message were
> rejected because of 'invalid mime type'. However, as it appears,
> they were not rejected, afterall (even though, I didn't get
> a copy).

You can always check the email archives if you are unsure about the
status of an email message. <>

> In any case, I did do some homework before sending that message.
> The e-mail archives reveal that problems with cygwin and vista
> have been reported before (essentially, the same problems).
> However, I couldn't find a message in the archives that would
> suggest a fix of the problem. In case, I missed the crucial message with 
> the fix,
> please, somebody let me know.

I think Stephen's earlier suggestion that you read and follow the problem
reporting guidelines is worthwhile:  <>

My WAG is that your postinstall scripts aren't running properly for some
reason.  You can try re-running 'setup.exe' and just clicking through each
page.  It should finish where it left off.  You may want to try running
this with Administrator privileges if you did not before.  If that fails,
you can go to the '/etc/postinstall' directory and run the scripts there
that don't have the '.done' suffix on them.  If that's still not enough,
you can try creating your '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/group' files by hand.
See the Cygwin Users Guide for more details:


After that, you may find that you can successfully re-run 'setup.exe' and
it will fix up what it had problems with.  If not, then I definitely suggest
following Stephen's advice.

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