Replying to messages

Brian Dessent
Thu Oct 25 00:21:00 GMT 2007

Brad Bell wrote:

> How does one reply to a message on when you do not have an
> e-mail copy of the original message; i.e., just given the information in
> the mailing list archive ?

The web archive is meant for read-only reference, there is no direct way
to reply.  But this is a mailing list not a web forum, so it's not
supposed to work that way.  Some alternatives:

- Subscribe to the list.
- Use gmane.
- Use nabble.
- When posting, mention that you are not subscribed and ask to be left
in CC.
- Use the ezmlm email interface to have the message you want to reply to
sent to you (e.g. by sending a message to
- Use the web archive's "raw text" link to get an mbox copy[1] that you
can import into your email program and reply to.  

[1] This will not be a valid mbox format as addresses are munged.  You
can undo this by hand or automatically by adding the skipmung parameter.


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