"man pages" for pthread_* functions

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon Oct 22 04:39:00 GMT 2007

Roman Mashak wrote:

> I've installed latest cygwin, including such packages as 'cygwin',
> 'cygwin-doc', 'man' but none of them contains any 'man' pages on
> pthread_* functions, though thread support is included and available.
> Was it omitted in this release or there's another problem?

We don't provide man pages for all functions, because nobody has written
or contributed them.  The ones we do provide come from newlib, but
newlib does not implement any of the pthread code.

Since pthreads are standardized you can find good documentation in the
SUS, e.g.
For a list of what portions of the various standards Cygwin supports (as
well as implementation-specific notes), consult


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