Keyboard layout changed

Eric Lilja
Thu Oct 18 09:51:00 GMT 2007

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Oct 17 22:18, Eric Lilja wrote:
>> Hi, I haven't used cygwin much the past month or so and I definetly haven't 
>> tampered with its setting, but when I launched it today I was surprised to 
>> find that my keyboard layout had changed from swedish to american. It had 
>> only changed in bash not in any other program. I'm running an american 
>> version of XP but I'm using a Swedish keyboard. The language bar or 
>> whatever it's called (that allows toggling layouts, you might not have seen 
>> this if you run american xp with american keyboard) that sits near the 
>> clock was disabled soon after first installing XP on this computer. I'm 
> This has nothing to do with Cygwin.  Did you never try to get the
> language bar back after installing XP?  It's a setting in Start
> Menu->Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Tab "Languages"
> ->Button "Details..."->Tab "Settings"->Button "Language Bar..." Here's a
> Checkbox "Show the Language bar on the desktop".

No, I didn't because I thought I had disabled the ability to change the 
language. Is changing it on a per-program basis because I only had the 
different layout under cygwin. Restarting cygwin didn't help. Was it 
some weird key sequence I happened to enter while working in bash? 
Anyway, when I rebooted today the problem was gone. Thanks for your reply.

> Corinna

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