Where did man page for "rxvt" go ???

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu Oct 18 01:36:00 GMT 2007

Paul McFerrin wrote:

Please don't reply to an unrelated post and change the subject to start
a new thread.  You break the threading in the archives and in every mail
client that supports threading.

> The man page for "rxvt" (or related documentation) has disappeared.
> rxvt is still in the distribution (I'm using it heavily) but I wanted to
> know if it had graphical support options.

It's not gone.  It works fine for me.

> Does any one know of such a graphical support package that I can write
> "calls" from a C like programming language and display graphical output
> to my VGA adapter?

X11.  OpenGL.  GDI.  wxWidgets.  GTK+.  fltk.


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