OpenSSH for windows issue

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Oct 18 00:21:00 GMT 2007

Mick Ken wrote:
> Friends,
> I am trying to install SSH on a Windows 2003 server since last 3 days
> and still no luck.
> I have tried literally everything and searched 100s of google  pages
> but I am getting this error.I would greatly appreciate if someone can
> help me resolve this.
> Here's the trace from the server end:
> E:\Program Files\OpenSSH\usr\sbin>sshd -d

Bad idea unless this shell is owned by 'sshd_server'.  So if you don't know
what you're doing, you may be better off wiping your installation directory
and starting over.


> debug1: attempt 1 failures 1
> debug1: test whether pkalg/pkblob are acceptable
> debug1: temporarily_use_uid: 500/513 (e=500/513)
> debug1: trying public key file /home/Administrator/OpenSSH/.ssh/authorized_keys
> debug1: restore_uid: (unprivileged)
> debug1: temporarily_use_uid: 500/513 (e=500/513)
> debug1: trying public key file /home/Administrator/OpenSSH/.ssh/authorized_keys2
> debug1: restore_uid: (unprivileged)
> Failed publickey for Administrator from port 2715 ssh2
> debug1: userauth-request for user Administrator service ssh-connection method ke
> yboard-interactive
> debug1: attempt 2 failures 2
> debug1: keyboard-interactive devs
> debug1: auth2_challenge: user=Administrator devs=
> debug1: kbdint_alloc: devices ''
> Failed keyboard-interactive for Administrator from port 2715 ssh2
> Received disconnect from 14: No supported authentication methods a
> vailable
> debug1: do_cleanup
> After researching,people mentioned that it looks like a permission
> issue with either one of the following:
> E:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/OpenSSH
> E:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/OpenSSH/.ssh
> E:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/OpenSSH.ssh/authorized_keys
> And they say to set 700 or some permissions to them,but how can i do
> that in Windows ???

chmod 700 .ssh
chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

You should do this on every file under .ssh that's not a .pub file.
.pub files should be 644.

> I have given full control to all these files to the "Administrator"
> and the "System" account.
> My /etc/passwd and /etc/group files look proper and also have full
> control by "Administrator" and "System" accounts.I have also changed
> the Administrator home to point to /home/Administrator/OpenSSH
> I have generated my private/public key on the client end(windows box)
> using puttygen and copied my public key into the E:/Documents and
> Settings/Administrator/OpenSSH/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

So you have '/home' mounting 'E:/Documents and Settings'?  Otherwise you're
comparing apples and oranges here.

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