Problem with -i ignore-file option in version 6.9 ptx in cygwin environment

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Oct 16 16:46:00 GMT 2007

Graig wrote:
> Eric -
> In that original email your were replying to John Cowan, so I thought you
> were talking about coding approaches. From your message posted to the Cygwin
>  list, I take it you were offering me, the end user, a way to solve the 
> I know about d2u and could use that now that I know what the problem is,
> but I'm not familiar with binary vs text mounts on a Windows system. I'm
> referencing the ignore file with the command line option of
> "--ignore-file=ptx_ignore.txt". How do I involve a text mount with that?

text/binary modes are controlled through the Cygwin mount points.  See the
Users Guide sections below to get more detail:


> Another aspect of this problem from the end user point of view is the
> different behavior in the handling of the ignore file vs the main data input
> file. I constructed both files in the same way (using vim on Windows). ptx
> reads and processes the standard input just fine, but from the user's point
> of view, just ignores the content of the ignore file. :-)

If you're using Cygwin's vim, then this won't write text format files by
default.  So see your ~/.vimrc or global vimrc file for settings that make
it use text mode.  If you're talking about the Windows port of vim, then
that's likely your problem.  Set "fileformat=unix" in your ~/.vimrc file
to avoid this pitfall.

> If nothing else, it would help if the man page for ptx had something
> about  this issue.

This is a general Windows issue, not a ptx problem.  If you feel this
needs to be done, you can champion the cause but it's better if you take
it upstream.

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