Best AVS to use with cygwin

René Berber
Mon Oct 15 23:19:00 GMT 2007

Reini Urban wrote:

> but clamav has no "guard" feature which everybody needs.
> the main purpose with clamav is mail filtering and we have no mailserver
> package which integrates nice with clamav. (lack of milter)

Wrong, Exim has direct support for using clamd.

Also the is no need for a milter with other mail servers if you use DspamPD,
ClamSMTP, or similar.  For use without a mail server, with Outlook for instance,
there are proxies... there are many options.

> klamuko, the linux file-system-hook version was originally based on a
> windows version from the german avira antivir product. But there's no
> free version of this feature for windows yet.

There's a WinClam or something which doesn't give you the "on access" protection
but running it once a day is just as good.

> I used to hate McAfee but the latest version seems to work fine in our
> company.
René Berber

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