Best AVS to use with cygwin

Tim Prince
Mon Oct 15 23:02:00 GMT 2007

Reini Urban wrote:
> tim prince schrieb:
>> Reid Thompson wrote:
>>> I've yet to have any problems with
>> Surely, the inclusion of clam in the cygwin distribution has some 
>> kind of meaning.  clamwin has no special incompatibilities either, 
>> that I can see.
> but clamav has no "guard" feature which everybody needs.
> the main purpose with clamav is mail filtering and we have no 
> mailserver package which integrates nice with clamav. (lack of milter)
> klamuko, the linux file-system-hook version was originally based on a 
> windows version from the german avira antivir product. But there's no 
> free version of this feature for windows yet.
> I used to hate McAfee but the latest version seems to work fine in our 
> company.
My company uses McAfee as well, but the site license covers only our 1 
fully supported Windows laptop per employee.  Also, several viruses have 
slipped through McAfee recently but were caught by others, including 

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