Best AVS to use with cygwin

Reini Urban
Mon Oct 15 21:42:00 GMT 2007

tim prince schrieb:
> Reid Thompson wrote:
>> I've yet to have any problems with
> Surely, the inclusion of clam in the cygwin distribution has some kind 
> of meaning.  clamwin has no special incompatibilities either, that I can 
> see.

but clamav has no "guard" feature which everybody needs.
the main purpose with clamav is mail filtering and we have no mailserver 
package which integrates nice with clamav. (lack of milter)

klamuko, the linux file-system-hook version was originally based on a 
windows version from the german avira antivir product. But there's no 
free version of this feature for windows yet.

I used to hate McAfee but the latest version seems to work fine in our 
Reini Urban

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