cygwin makes shared folders on vista

DePriest, Jason R.
Mon Oct 15 16:10:00 GMT 2007

On 10/15/07, jxt <> wrote:
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> Now, as to the original question about shared folders being created by
> cygwin on vista, it appears that a solution is in hand, though I have not
> yet tested it in my envrionment. Indeed I had tried some googling, and
> even searching the archives of this list (using Nabble) before the post,
> but I guess I wasn't using to right search strings. I've had so many fights
> with vista, absolutely nothing surprises me when it behaves strangely.
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What was the solution?  CYGWIN=nontsec?  That's an odd solution
because I thought that would mess up how cygwin manages permissions.

>From the User's Guide
"(no)ntsec - if set, use the NT security model to set UNIX-like
permissions on files and processes."

That implies that if this is NOT set that cygwin will NOT use the NT
security model to set UNIX-like peremissions.

So if you use CYGWIN=nontsec, you are losing some of the UNIX-ness of
your cygwin enviroment.

I still don't understand why Vista (which I do not have a copy of to
test with) would assume that a new folder being created needed to be

I haven't found a way to display the "shared" status of a folder from
a cygwin bash prompt.

ls and getfacl can give me permission and ownership information, but
not whether or not something is shared.

You can always use the Microsoft net command (see: net help share).

If I understand the problem, when you create a new directory inside a
cygwin shell, the directory is automatically shared (with the little
hand on the icon or whatever Vista uses to show that) and that this
happens whether or not the parent directory is shared.

Meaning, if you did
$ mkdir test1
$ mkdir test2
$ net share
You would see something like
Share name     Resource                       Remark
ADMIN$         C:\WINDOWS                     Remote Admin
IPC$                                          Remote IPC
test1          C:\cygwin\home\jrd\test1
test2          C:\cygwin\home\jrd\test2

Is this correct?


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