How to remotely log in and execute a *GUI* program

Mon Oct 15 15:23:00 GMT 2007

Larry Hall (Cygwin) a écrit :

>> I'm recycling this thread to ask a similar question. Let's say that
>> i have a windows box with sshd servicable on it.
>> A can remotely launch command on the win box with ssh (ssh 
>> "command args"). But what if the "command" is
>>  supposed to be a graphical program (in my case a popup created
>> with AutoIt that display a message)?
>> "command" is launched and running but nothing is displayed on the 
>> screen, the gui application is just running in background.
>> Is there any way to make this program displaying on the current 
>> windows session? Note: in my case the ssh user is admin and the 
>> session user is user-only.
>> Any help?
> Reinstall 'sshd' specifying the '-i' flag to 'cygrunsrv' or edit the 
> current service under "Administrative Tools"->"Services" and check 
> "Allow service to interact with desktop" in the "Log On" tab of the 
> service's "Properties".  Please note that this will display the
> program on the server, not the client.

Yes, displaying on the server is the goal.

> Running X programs doesn't require this dance, though I assume you
> were referring to Windows apps.

Yes, this is a windows app completely independant of Cygwin.

Anyway, your trick is working like a charm, thanks a lot!


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