Redoing the setup on a different machine

Greg Chicares
Mon Oct 15 15:23:00 GMT 2007

On 2007-10-15 14:48Z, Ronald Fischer wrote:
> Is there an easy solution to the following problem?
> From time to time (every couple of weeks or few months) I happen to
> have to use a different Windows machine on a different customer's site.
> I always want to use Cygwin there with "my" favorite packages.
> This means that every time I have to setup Cygwin (this is OK, not much
> work)
> and then go to all the package and manually flag what I want to have
> included
> (this *is* much work, and error-prone, since I tend to overlook
> something).

Applying this technique [thanks, Nicolas]...
...I created my own "virtual" setup file:

Relevant excerpts from instructions I wrote for end users:

"Choose A Download Site": Select any mirror; copy this:
and paste it into "User URL", then click "Add". As a result, two
lines in the listbox should be selected, though they aren't
necessarily both visible on the same screen.

"Select Packages" appears after a progress page. Make sure
lmi is selected in the "Base" category; that's the only thing
you need to do on this page.

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