Redoing the setup on a different machine

Ronald Fischer
Mon Oct 15 14:48:00 GMT 2007

Is there an easy solution to the following problem?

From time to time (every couple of weeks or few months) I happen to
have to use a different Windows machine on a different customer's site.
I always want to use Cygwin there with "my" favorite packages.

This means that every time I have to setup Cygwin (this is OK, not much
and then go to all the package and manually flag what I want to have
(this *is* much work, and error-prone, since I tend to overlook

I guess that Cygwin maintains somewhere on the hard disk a file
a list of all installed packages. Is it possible to save this file on
old machine, and after having setup a minimal Cygwin on the new machine,
put that package file on it, call setup again and tell it to reinstall
the most recent versions of these packages?

(BTW, I wonder whether this would be a good entry in the Cygwin FAQ,
since probably many users will have the same problem when moving to
a new computer).


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