How to remotely log in and execute a *GUI* program

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Oct 15 14:46:00 GMT 2007

cuicui wrote:
> Brian Mathis a écrit :
> in,
>>>> Just to say that I found a partial solution, by copying the ssh 
>>>> login keys
>>>> generated on Cygwin on the Windows box to the .ssh directory on the 
>>>> remote
>>>> Linux box, and then executing from a local Cygwin xterm:
>>>>   DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 ssh -Y -C -q user@remote-machine "command"
>>>> But is there a way to do it by running a Cygwin script on the 
>>>> Windows box?
>>> IIUUC, yes, just install the ssh server on your Cygwin/Windows box.
>>> The instructions are here:
>>>    /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README
>>> Regards,
>>> Gary
>> There's not need for an SSH server on the Windows box.  You only need
>> the client, as the login is going from Windows to Linux.
>> To execute a script instead of xterm, just run the script instead! :)
>> In your command above, forget the "DISPLAY" stuff and put whatever the
>> name of the command you want to run inside "command".
> I'm recycling this thread to ask a similar question. Let's say that i 
> have a windows box with sshd servicable on it.
> A can remotely launch command on the win box with ssh (ssh 
> "command args"). But what if the "command" is 
> supposed to be a graphical program (in my case a popup created with 
> AutoIt that display a message)?
> "command" is launched and running but nothing is displayed on the 
> screen, the gui application is just running in background.
> Is there any way to make this program displaying on the current windows 
> session? Note: in my case the ssh user is admin and the session user is 
> user-only.
> Any help?

Reinstall 'sshd' specifying the '-i' flag to 'cygrunsrv' or edit the
current service under "Administrative Tools"->"Services" and check
"Allow service to interact with desktop" in the "Log On" tab of the
service's "Properties".  Please note that this will display the program
on the server, not the client.  Running X programs doesn't require this
dance, though I assume you were referring to Windows apps.

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