cygwin makes shared folders on vista

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sun Oct 14 01:16:00 GMT 2007

nmehta wrote:


> I can also say that CYGWIN=notntsec does fix this behavior (created folders
> are no longer shared).  I have searched for information about this setting
> but haven't yet found a good explanation.  Can you shed some light on what
> this env variable does, and what are the consequences of setting it (or
> point me to a post/resource that can explain it?)


> Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Now you're just being ridiculous.  Nowhere is the mailing list described
>> as a users mailing list, unless somebody at Nabble has messed up.  The
>> description on is quite clear that this is the right list for
>> nearly all Cygwin related topics.  And besides, it is trivially easy to
>> show that all the Cygwin developers follow this list closely because
>> there are hundreds if not thousands of messages by them in the archives.
> Lighten up.  The guy got no responses for six weeks with maybe his first
> post to the list.  Additionally, the forum on Nabble is entitled "Cygwin
> Users".  A simple 'No, the devs do in fact read this list' would suffice.

Perhaps.  But it's not a Nabble requirement that the Cygwin web site be
avoided.  And since Nabble really has nothing whatsoever to do with Cygwin,
using it as a source of data for anything Cygwin isn't a good idea.  If the
OP needed to know if he was posting to the right forum, a trip to the Cygwin
site would seem to be in order.  Also, it seems it's time to once again note
that this isn't a paid support service.  One isn't guaranteed a response
in any particular time-frame or even ever.  The volunteers here answer
questions as their time and knowledge permit.  Usually, if no one answers
a particular thread, it's because no one has a good response, at least
at that time.  But the problem reports are always read by everyone on this
list, including the Cygwin developers.

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