cygwin makes shared folders on vista

Sat Oct 13 09:17:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent wrote:
> So, I don't see what's wrong here.  The files created by the native app
> took the defaults from the dir, so if something is not happening the way
> you like make sure the dir is created with the right DACL first.  Or if
> you'd rather have Cygwin behave like the native programs then set
> CYGWIN=nontsec.

Thank you for pointing out getfacl, I didn't know that existed.  You are
right in that the ACLs from getfacl match up correctly.  Also, if you create
a directory in Cygwin on /c like you did it does not show up as shared.  If
you create a directory in your Vista home directory (/c/Users/<username>/)
on the other hand it shows up as shared.  I thought there was something
about the /c/Users/<username> directory where child folders inherit the
parent's settings as you alluded to; however, the /c/Users/<username> dir is
not shared by default.  Is setting a folder to be shared separate from the
ACLs?  If I create a folder in Vista and set it to shared/not shared getfacl
returns the same thing.  Do you have any more insight about this?

I can also say that CYGWIN=notntsec does fix this behavior (created folders
are no longer shared).  I have searched for information about this setting
but haven't yet found a good explanation.  Can you shed some light on what
this env variable does, and what are the consequences of setting it (or
point me to a post/resource that can explain it?)

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Now you're just being ridiculous.  Nowhere is the mailing list described
> as a users mailing list, unless somebody at Nabble has messed up.  The
> description on is quite clear that this is the right list for
> nearly all Cygwin related topics.  And besides, it is trivially easy to
> show that all the Cygwin developers follow this list closely because
> there are hundreds if not thousands of messages by them in the archives.

Lighten up.  The guy got no responses for six weeks with maybe his first
post to the list.  Additionally, the forum on Nabble is entitled "Cygwin
Users".  A simple 'No, the devs do in fact read this list' would suffice.
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