stupid question about user/groups shown with ls -l and ls -ln

DePriest, Jason R.
Fri Oct 12 21:43:00 GMT 2007

If I run ls -l from /cygdrive/c it shows pagefile.sys as
----------    1 ???????? ????????    1595523072 Oct 12 10:43 pagefile.sys

I hate seeing the little '?' in my ls output.  Normally, I just do ls
-ln and look up what user name and group the SSIDs match with.

However, with pagefile.sys you get this instead
----------    1 4294967295 4294967295 1595523072 Oct 12 10:43 pagefile.sys

WTF?  That makes no sense.

That big number corresponds with FFFF FFFF in hex or the biggest
32-bit integer (around 4GB in the 2 to the X naming convention for GB
-- sorry I can't bring myself to gibibyte).  I learned something new
today looking that up.  Everybody knows 655535, but I'd never seen
this one before.

Is this ls's way of saying it has no idea?  Does Windows actually
provide a value that internally corresponds to this number?

Incidentally, getfacl comes up with the same value (not surprising).

Thank you!


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