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Eric Uratchko
Fri Oct 12 00:01:00 GMT 2007

That's just it-- I've changed the domain user to a million different
things. Right now there is no authentication, it's set to full perms to
everyone. I can open it in everything. I can go to /cygdrive and see c
and z, z is the mapped network share.

Then I SSH in to the box and z is gone ... Anything that's mapped to it
is inaccessible.

I've tried chown -hR sshd_server:SYSTEM z ... And it acts like it takes
it. I do an ls -la and see that it hasn't actually changed.

Is it possible to access network drives while ssh'd into cygwin? Or has
noone ever gotten that to work? Searching finds posts where people can't
get it to work, with suggestions that don't work and then "I don't know
why this is doing that" ... 

It doesn't matter if it's NFS, cifs.. I can make it either. I don't
care, all I need is to access the drive. Is there any way to just
disable permissions?

Please forgive my ignorance, I'm new to this. If I could just get sshd
to run as administrator, would that fix this problem?

Basically everything works fine locally .. And when I ssh in, it's
broken. I know that sshd is being called via sshd_server .. And I've
even made a domain account name sshd_server and granted it full privs,
it makes no difference as it's not logging in with a domain account.
I've given that local account full perms too. I can map a network share
as that account even. Still no difference.

-- Eric Uratchko

My guess is that 'Y:' is a network drive that requires authentication to
access.  It's apparently owned by a domain user not in your
file, which accounts for the '???' stuff.  But things would be clearer
if we knew more about your installation and configuration (thus the
pointer to the problem reports guidelines above. ;-) )

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