Founstone Labs (now part of McAfee) violates GPL or not?

L Anderson
Tue Oct 9 04:36:00 GMT 2007

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
> Foundstone Labs has a few free tools they release that are compiled
> against the cygwin1.dll.
> The free tools are:
> pasco (
> galleta (
> rifiuti (
> Pasco includes its source code and is probably okay on that part, but
> it doesn't include the text of the GPL and the cygwin1.dll file has a
> BuildDate of '2003-03-18 09:20' and a File and Product Version number
> of 1.3.22-dontuse-21
> I can recompile it with the source and it works fine.
> The other two products, galleta and rifiuti, ship with the same
> version of cygwin1.dll but don't have the source code or the license
> text.

It appears things have been moved to Sourceforge.  Check out

for source and later versions than found on foundstone.

L Anderson

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